Meleagris ocellata

Meleagris ocellata

The M. ocellata are turkeys originating from Central America, specifically Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula), northern of Guatemala's and northwestern Belize. The diet of these birds is very diverse, and they like to eat a wide variety of plants, leaves, seeds, berries and insects. To maintain these birds in captivity, we feed them with a quality compost food, such a of partridges and pheasants pellet. They are animals that need large spaces and a shelter to protect them from rain, wind and sun.

Reproduction Sexual maturity is generally attained at three years. Males of M. ocellata usually come into heat during of April and the females begin lead in late April, early May. During the breeding season from April to July, females can lead up 30 or more eggs. The incubation period is 28 days.



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